CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Overview

Network technicians are responsible for designing and installing computer networks, connections and cabling, testing and configuring software and maintaining and repairing hardware devices. For instance, security researchers must have intimate knowledge of both practical and theoretical understanding of networks and applications. Security researchers need to understand how things like wireless networking protocols work so they can discover potential exploits and patch existing ones. We mentioned in the section above that the Security+ certification depends on a lot of information tested for in the Network+ certification. Even though the cybersecurity domain contains many learning paths outside of networking, a significant component of infoSec is networking.

net+ certification

This course will prepare you for a career as a network technician and qualify you to take the CompTIA™ Network+ certification exam (N10-008). The certification is vendor-neutral and will give you the skills you need to install and manage basic network infrastructure. You’ll master a variety of networking concepts and gain a fundamental knowledge of network design, security, cloud computing, and routing and switching.

Network+ Certified Professional – 54 hours/ 5.4 CEUs

Install, configure and differentiate between common network devices. In this final lesson, you will look at a variety of practical concerns in network management, including emergency procedures, safety, segmentation, and network configuration and monitoring. Most modern networks use TCP/IP, so it’s essential knowledge for competent techs.

As result, CompTIA is a great starting point for those who are new to IT and even IT pros who need to learn new skills such as the cloud. CompTIA Network+ certification training program certifies aptitude and proficiency in the field of mobile, cloud, virtualization technologies, net+ certification recovery, and availability concepts. Review networking and infrastructure concepts as you learn about advanced networking devices, IPv6, and remote connectivity. David Grimes has more than 10 years of management and leadership experience in the private and non-profit sectors.

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Once you’ve completed all of the questions, you’re able to submit the exam. And it’s useful if you can go back through every question one final time. There’s no penalty for guessing so make sure you’ve selected an answer on every single multiple choice question. If you’re prepping for your exam, one of the most important things you can do is to download the exam objectives from the CompTIA website.

  • Use best practices to manage the network, determine policies and ensure business continuity.
  • Network hardware enables networking devices—nodes—to connect together into a network.
  • While individual preferences on how to prepare for a test may differ, the following points can help candidates get started and remain organized during the exam preparation process.
  • You can download the Test-King products on the maximum number of 2 computers or devices.
  • In this video, you’ll learn about the certification exam objectives and some tips for making the most of your examination.
  • In this lesson, you will examine the many forms of remote connectivity, ways to interconnect a local computer or network with distant computers.

Once you submit the exam, you’ll know immediately if you passed or not. And as you’re walking out of the testing center, they’ll provide you with some certified results that are printed off. Even if you didn’t pass the exam, make sure you get a copy of these results. This paper will tell you exactly which areas you missed on the exam so if you’re coming back again for a second try, you’ll have an idea of where you should study a little bit more. On the exam, you’ll have the traditional multiple choice questions, where you might choose A, B, C, or D to get the correct answer, but you might also get what CompTIA calls, performance-based questions.

About The Certification

CIAT provides unlimited attempts at passing the CompTIA Net+ to ensure you start your exam calm and confident, without worrying about what will happen if you don’t pass. Explain the network troubleshooting methodology & appropriate tools to support connectivity & performance. However, keep in mind that not all certifying bodies or industry-specific certifications are recognized internationally. Please review your country’s regulations prior to enrolling in courses that prepare for certification. One of the first things you should have done is download the exam objectives, and you can use those exam objectives as a checklist as you’re studying.

If you’re not 100% sure of a question, you may want to mark it, finish all of the questions on the exam, and then, you can very easily jump back to any questions that may have been marked. Exam objectives include domain weighting, test objectives, as well as example topics and concepts for better clarification of the material covered on the actual exam. CompTIA offers a self-study guide to help individuals prepare to take the CompTIA Network+ exam by covering 100% of the objectives and content examples listed on the syllabus.

Skills covered on the CompTIA Network+ exam

Both offer a network of computer-based testing centers with thousands of locations worldwide. Jeff’s expertise covers a wide range of technical skills in the field of immersive technology, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, spatial computing, and holograms. He manages, creates, and delivers high-quality augmented and virtual reality technology experiences that enhance knowledge retention and engagement for learners. If you’re already familiar with CompTIA, then you know that the CompTIA certification exams are among the most popular IT industry certification exams in the world.

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